Lara Herscovitch



Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

“Singer-songwriter Lara Herscovitch doesn’t write songs just for the ears, but also for the heart and soul.”

"Lara has become a force on the folk scene of the northeast with a winning stage presence that charms audiences while she makes them sit up and listen to songs of personal and social meaning. Herscovitch has a new release, 'Four Wise Monkeys' that showcases her ever-growing vision for social justice and her skill as a musician and entertainer."

Sound Waves

"...expertly written prose... crisp and pleasing vocals... poetic, uplifting... songwriting at its best... Lara gets it all done with her skillful songwriting - musical timing, memorable melodies, and compelling lyrics. It's good for your ears AND your soul."

Citizen News

"Lara weaves a tapestry of melody and poetry that stirs the intellect while reaching deeply into the listener's soul... A proud torchbearer, she is today's troubadour, carrying the essence of the folk spirit, drawing comparisons to the likes of Joan Baez and Ani Difranco."

Shoreline Publishing

"...the forum was titled “Art Interrupting Injustice” and was attended by a diverse group of people spanning three generations. The day of performances led by musicians, poets, and playwrights focused on problems facing the city: racism, gun violence, a dysfunctional prison system—really a reflection of the country at large—and invited audience participation and conversation.

Our musician friend Lara Herscovitch of North Guilford kicked off the program with her provocative and heartfelt songs... her passion for social justice, for folk music, reflects the ’60s when songs spoke directly to civil rights, workers rights, women’s rights, the Viet Nam War, etc.

We caught up later and talked about how her career today—equal parts professional singer-songwriter and deputy director of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance—was shaped by her early years, and why it’s so important to her to attempt to right the wrongs of social injustices through her work, her life..." (see link for full text) (New Jersey)

“…marvelous, inventive and thought-provoking songs… Herscovitch's songs grow on you - they not only hold up but they get better with repeated listening and make you want to know more, hear more about this highly talented young singer/songwriter... It is her awareness of the ‘larger picture’ - that worldliness and grasp of multiple cultural styles along with her sensitivity to the human condition - which makes her work so subtle, distinctive and appealing.”

The Middletown Press

"On 'Four Wise Monkeys,' her latest, Herscovitch's songs are passionate, direct, hummable; they're broadsiding story songs about human rights, dignity, and rising to personal challenges. Not only that, it's a call to action - the essence of the folk spirit.

Some 25 years ago, the great, late bluegrass-tinged folksinger from West Virginia, Hazel Dickens, did an album (on vinyl!) called 'Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People.' The spirit of social justice that runs through both the album by Dickens decades ago, and in the new one by Herscovitch, nobly continues the tradition. That Connecticut singer-songwriter Herscovitch picks up and carries the torch with nary a scorch is a true accomplishment.

Herscovitch's mass of super-curly hair frames an intelligent, blue-eyed face that is as unique as her musical talent and onstage assuredness, making audiences comfortable with her soothing, charismatic style."

New Haven Register

"Herscovitch, educated and trained as a social worker, is equally passionate about her music and the causes she cares most about, which often are intertwined. She definitely is someone who lives the change she calls for in her music, and doesn’t just write about it or sing about it.

As deputy director of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance, she works every day to achieve the same changes to the ways youths and youthful offenders are treated by the justice system that she advocates in her most recent CD, “Four Wise Monkeys.”

(Full disclosure: I’ve seen Herscovitch’s commitment up close as a friend who sometimes performs with her.)

She also is a performer who loves what she does and has a strong ability to connect with her audience.

Herscovitch has appeared onstage — and in the streets — with some of the biggest names in acoustic music and has been a guest on “A Prairie Home Companion” with Garrison Keillor. She tours extensively from Maine to Miami.

While she was accused by one critic of “not being folk enough” — and responded with a keenly-honed song about it, “Folk You,” that draws laughter whenever she plays it — she also was hailed by for carrying on “the essence of the folk spirit.”

She has drawn comparisons to the late Hazel Dickens, Joan Baez and Ani DiFranco, among others. Fine company."

Connecticut Post

"Herscovitch is a force on the New England folk scene." 

Broward Folk Club (FL)

"The wonderful Lara Herscovitch... kept the crowd rapt the entire evening... sings from her heart."

Taconic Press

“…The abundance of singer-songwriters on the scene today requires a musician to really shine to rise above the crowd, and Herscovitch does that from the first line of the first song…”

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"...Herscovitch now is as a matter of course what Baez was then on her best day... it is more than Folk. It is Jazz and World and a handful of other genres (even comedy, as in a Smothers' Brother-type take on being stopped for speeding - Mr. Officer), all melded into a smoothly flowing musical stew... Juror Number 13 is among the best folk releases of this year and possibly many years past."

Acoustic Live! in NYC

“She possesses not only a huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity, but a keen sense of global social concern and a fierce intellect… It might seem too good to be true, but true it is.” (full article PDF downloadable on Bio web page)

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"There are so many great lines, couplets, and extended metaphors in her work that I hardly know where to start... It's rare to come across poets able to inject such an achingly human and knowing warmth into their work... It's obvious that this musician-composer has hit her stride, that her star's still rising."


"If the name isn't currently sounding off any mental bells, it will. Her lyrics are pure, her sound original and her music is strong enough to soften even the hardest of critics... Always friendly and ever ready to establish a bond between performer and listener... Herscovitch's songs are moving and full of meaning. Often unfamiliar with her work at first, those who hear, see, or speak with her will not soon forget her name.”

Westport Magazine

"Through A Frozen Midnight Sky is smooth and wistful; a perfect complement to a glass of wine, an Adirondack chair on the lawn, and a wide view of a summer's evening - simple magic."

Now On Tour

"refreshing talent... Pure, crisp, refreshing, singer songwriter Lara Herscovitch is a welcome alternative... this one-time would-be lawyer's voice is arresting, warm and engaging; the perfect soundtrack for transforming a lazy, hazy sun-soaked day into a luscious, full-body, all-senses experience."

Music Morsels - Album Capsules

"...intelligently written... wonderful voice and delectable six string picking shine... Fresh and invigorating, Lara brings unique talents to the singer/songwriter world."

Collected Sounds: A Guide to Women in Music

"...Herscovitch's voice is great. It's crystal clear and soothing... immediately charming and the lyrics, well, funny, smart, clever, etc."

The Courier

"Herscovitch accomplishes versatility in folk music through a terrific set of story-telling devices that goes beyond... through Herscovitch's lens we get to look at American culture, which she sometimes criticizes and sometimes defends, and its players emerge tragic fools, unsung heroes, and troubled souls whose stories we want to hear..."

Penguin Eggs: Canada’s Folk, Roots & World Music Magazine

"Herscovitch mixes folk with elements of jazz and Latin rhythms, and annoints them with her often sultry vocals... proves herself to be a prolific force in the singer-songwriter game…”

Scenic Root

“…Lara is sharp as a tack (and wickedly funny) in a New York City kind of way… polished, confident, talented.”

Bill Copeland Music News

"...Her insights are sharp and valuable... This singer-songwriter's voice is as pretty as the pictures it paints, a breezy silkiness that glides along the surface of her acoustic guitar melody... an artful joy... a vocal journey through beauteous terrain and lovely vistas... Herscovitch also exudes a spirituality here, her voice finding common ground with gospel choirs in her expressions of deep emotion... Her voice is also as clear and powerful as a tolling bell, beautiful vocal notes that pack an emotional wallop... an artist of tremendous growth, both personally and musically. A singer-songwriter-folk artist whose life and feelings are intrinsically tied to her words and melodies, Herscovitch stands tall as a true beacon of humanity as well as a bringer of authentic, quality folk music."

Minor 7th magazine

Review of MISFiT: "Lara's clear voice soars over her warm songs and crisply played guitar, offering us commentary about everyday life in a unique way... It feels like a quality live recording and that's a great thing in my book. She excels at that well-placed lyric that makes the whole song..."