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After one of Lara's concerts, the first glowing comments from audience members are about her great voice (ok, sometimes this is a close second to comments about her hair). Northeast Performer called Lara's voice "clear and smooth like expensive liquor." Not everyone knows that she also loves - really, loves - to create and sing harmonies live and in studio, to help truly lift up a song and its meaning. 

Because she's often playing solo or fronting her trio, listeners don't always know she is also a skilled percussionist, live and in-studio - most recently in New York City, greater Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Please reach out directly - to discuss your project, timing and rates. 



"Lara Herscovitch is a pro. She is a delightful presence in the studio and on stage. She arrives prepared and works hard to get the parts and performances just right, infusing them with audible emotion and soul every time." -Adam Michael Rothberg, The Mini Studio, Cambridge MA 


"I was so impressed with Lara's unique vocal choices. Her notes are clear and her wide range lends itself to beautiful voicing. I clearly remember a 'goosebump' moment when Lara's voice rose to the most unexpected note; it was a beautiful blend, beyond perfect, better than I imagined in my own head. The producer and I just looked at each other with a 'Holy cow, did you hear THAT?' look. That is a gift. Thank you, Lara Herscovitch." -Joanne Lurgio (album "Rise From the Storm")


"Lara could not have been more professional in her approach to recording harmony vocals for Joanne Lurgio's recording. As Joanne's producer, Lara hit all the marks: on time, well-rehearsed, listened to direction, made changes easily if needed and spot on harmonies. You can't ask for more ." -Jack Gauthier, Lakewest Recording, W. Greenwich RI


"In addition to being a powerful singer-songwriter that I have long admired, Lara Herscovitch is also a natural, versatile percussionist who adds just the right touch; a creative, beautiful harmony singer who can deftly support any song; and a warm, empathic human being who is fun to be around. It's always an honor to collaborate and perform with Lara and she gets my highest recommendation!" -Sharon Goldman


"Lara arrived for her vocal recording session fully prepared, calm, and on time.  She blended her voice into mine with generosity, skill, and a sophisticated sense of harmony.  She had great ideas and also took direction seamlessly.  Her harmonies took songs on my new album to another level."  -Larry Kolker (album "Dog Year")