work with lara

Lara has performed and presented thousands of concerts, talks, workshops & classes for a wide variety of audiences, including nonprofit arts centers, theaters, clubs, libraries, colleges & universities, businesses and faith communities.

Regular Concerts are booked for indoor listening-room environments and outdoor / festival settings. Generally solo, but can sometimes present in duo or trio configuration (usually adding bass and/or electric guitars).

Mini-Concerts are often presented by libraries or colleges / universities, usually 45 to 60 minutes. They can focus on a theme (or not):

  • Shine: Music for your Superpowers - A performance centered around Lara’s most uplifting songs and new illustrated book. 
  • The Journey of a Song, From Seed to Stage - Songs and reflections on the creative process of songwriting. (Indie music themes can be added.) 
  • Wage Love: Music for Justice & Equity - Songs and music videos to inspire all to be part of creating a more fair and just world.
  • (no theme) - Lara will select the song list; just sit back and enjoy the music! 

Workshops are creative and engaging, tailored to your goals, setting and budget. They range from two hours to multiple days, and focus on the following themes: 

  • Wingspan: Creative Confidence & Courage

  • Shine: Remembering Your Super Powers

  • Mission, Values & Team-Building

  • Songwriting Essentials

Click here for a two-page pdf with more details on mini-concerts and workshops 



"Lara is an incredibly gifted musician, artist and facilitator. She brought energy and compassion as well as passion to the whole weekend." -Omega Institute, Confidence, Courage & Creativity workshop participant


“…Her voice and performance style had me captivated right away. She truly stands out in a crowd” –Valley Folk (NY)  


"Lara was a delightful presenter and facilitator for our faculty development full-day workshop. She was extremely well-prepared and based her presentation on the college’s objectives and goals, refreshing the long time faculty while enlightening our new faculty members with what we, as a college, stand for.  Several faculty in attendance commented how the discussions were the best they had been a part of in years. Others were appreciative of Lara being an artist and having that sensitivity to their concerns.  She was also very effective in addressing some sensitive issues and winning over an unwilling participant. She is someone I would bring back without hesitation." -Kittie M. Weber, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Chair of Faculty Development Committee, New England College


“The wonderful Lara Herscovitch kept the crowd rapt the entire evening.” –Broward (FL) Folk Club


"Great energy... Excellent workshop! Had a great time… Great facilitator integrated her own singer/songwriter skills effectively for our needs… Great job. Well worth the time today… Thank you for sharing your gifts with us… Particularly worthwhile… Very helpful... Thank you for bringing us back to being human…" -Faculty comments, New England College & New Hampshire Institute of Art merger workshop on Mission, Values & Team-Building


"It is always wonderful to have Lara with us. Whether she is adding her soulful original music to a service, or helping design and implement workshops or retreats, I am always inspired and transformed by her gifts. In these crazy days we are living in, I feel better just knowing she is in the world and sharing her gifts for good.” -Rev. Erica Thompson, Asylum Hill Congregational Church  


"Deeply connecting, challenging, encouraging. I am so grateful for this workshop with Lara!" -Omega Institute, Confidence, Courage & Creativity workshop participant


"The questions and exercises we went through are really good for all of us both personally and professionally." -team building session participant, Virginia Commonwealth University Health 


"Lara is a joy to work with; it was our pleasure to have her at Wisdom House, to do individual coaching around songwriting and creative courage, as well as a full concert. We look forward to having her back!" -Deborah Kelley, Executive Director & Bonnie Mis, Program Manager


"Lara Herscovitch was amazing. She walks the walk, provided a safe space for us to really delve into the issues at hand and guide us through ways of empowering ourselves. I can't say enough good things about her and the weekend. Love love love. I came back changed and uplifted." -Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY Campus, Confidence, Courage & Creativity: An Exploration for Artists workshop participant